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Home Improvements that Add Value To Your Bramcote Home

This guide will help you make the most of your home and add value, whether renovating or flipping a property. A Bramcote electrician can help you upgrade the electrical system in your house to increase its value by tens of thousands of pounds. An electrician in Bramcote can assist with all things electrical, from installing LED lighting to power sockets and fans, through to wiring your bathroom and kitchen.

Set up Electric Car Charging Stations

Brits will have installed twice the number of electric car charging stations in their homes by 2023 than they had last year. With new diesel and petrol vehicles banned starting from 2030, there will be even greater demand for green transportation. A charging station in your home can be a great way to attract potential buyers. The downside of owning an electric car is the need to charge it every day, and this can also be a problem. Depending on where you live, this can increase the property's value by up to £35 million pounds.

Modernise Your Kitchen

It's a common saying that bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. A modern, updated kitchen can add great value to your house. It is the heart of your home. You can update your kitchen by simply painting the cabinets. It can also be more complicated and require a complete kitchen redesign. According to property experts, if there is one space in your house that you cannot afford to remodel or renovate, the kitchen should make it. Buying new, energy-efficient appliances is the second important factor in adding value to your kitchen.

Remodel the Bathroom

Bathrooms are becoming a luxurious space where people can relax in a spa-like setting. This is an excellent way to increase value by modernising a bathroom. This is possible without having to replace your entire bathroom. You'd be amazed at how much a new shower looks with the proper hardware and tile. A complete remodel of a suite and starting over can significantly benefit if the layout changes. A new bathroom must still meet all requirements, have easy maintenance, and be stylish. A power shower is a must-have for any bathroom. Bathrooms are becoming more popular with underfloor heating. You will have more space to install a bigger bath or shower, and the floor heating system will heat evenly. The room will be enriched with a sense of luxury.

Upgrading Your Central Heating

Modern central heating systems, especially for efficiency, are continually being upgraded. Without central heating, your property can suffer greatly in terms of its value and your Energy Performance Certificate. An outdated or inefficient boiler could devalue your home and turn off potential buyers.

It is expensive to upgrade a boiler or install a new central heating system, primarily if it has been used for more than 15 years. But, over the long-term, you can save £100s and increase your property's value. You should hire a Gas Safety certified fitter for your boiler installation and have the necessary safety certificates available to a potential buyer. Your central heating system will remain future-proofed if it is smart-ready. You also have more control over your heating and programming, which can help you save money.

Fix Structural Defects

Structural defects are one of the most significant problems that could devalue your property. This can make it difficult for prospective buyers to buy your home, and they'll most likely try to lower the price if they don't. A structural defect can range from a crack in a lintel to a significant problem like subsidence. Some mortgage lenders won't lend to properties that have severe structural defects. It is worth the effort. Moistness problems can stop mortgages from being approved. Most dampness can be fixed easily by minor issues such as a leaky pipe or ground-level damp-proofing. All of these are easy to fix and could make a big difference in the value of your home.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Your house will be evaluated for energy efficiency when you sell it. The rating tells prospective buyers if the house has been built according to current standards. It also indicates how expensive it will be to heat or run. This information will be helpful to buyers when they are looking for a house and can use as a guide in making their decisions.

You can improve your rating by adding insulation or switching to more energy-efficient bulbs. Also, you could upgrade your boiler. You can also increase your EPC by switching to energy-saving bulbs. These bulbs are less expensive to operate, last longer and cost much less than regular bulbs. Tactical lighting is a great way to bring out the best aspects of your home and make it more welcoming for potential buyers. You can increase the value of your house by choosing specific bulbs and fixtures, such as LEDs.

Smart Home Technology

The future of smart home technology is now. If you want to modernise your home and keep it up-to-date, installing smart technology in the house will make it stand out and attract all gadget enthusiasts. Smart home technology can include smart doorbells and lights, as well as home security, light bulbs, and smart thermostats. There are many options, and while technology changes constantly, smart home technology can be an excellent way to keep up-to-date and on-trend in your home. Smart home technology has taken over interiors. More than half of Brits (54%) now have at least one, including thermostats, TVs, curtains, kettles, and even televisions. If you are looking to sell, it is a smart move to install home appliances that can remotely be controlled. Burglar alarms have become a distant memory. Smart security is a trend. You can have CCTV anywhere you want. This is an excellent investment. When choosing where to live, they often consider crime and safety. Smart devices can increase your security.

Solar Panels

It's hard to imagine anyone not wanting their own power and for it to pay off. Although solar panels can still be expensive and may cost up to £5,000 per panel, it is worth the investment. Homebuyers in Bramcote will spend more on houses with solar panels to get lower monthly bills. You must ensure that your panels are maintained for at least five years to get the best return on your investment. Most Brits say they are interested in installing solar panels at their homes. This could be an intelligent investment, potentially increasing your home's value by up to £30,000. Additionally, energy prices are expected to rise in the future, so producing your own electricity could be an excellent investment.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be either powered by electricity or heated using water pipes. Each has its pros and cons; however, both heating the floor below your feet and the air above them is efficient. It is an attractive market that adds luxury and functionality to your home, and this is a luxurious option that many homebuyers will pay more for.

The Risks Of Over-Improving

Even with all the improvements made, certain houses won't have any additional value, no matter what improvements are made. Knowing the street's value and whether your neighbourhood has a maximum price is important. Get inspired by your neighbours and ensure your budget matches your home's potential worth.

Why are Electrical Condition Reports Necessary?

A periodic electrical inspection condition report (EICR), is an electrical condition check. It is used to monitor and verify the electrical installations. This inspection should be done at least once every five years, or whenever there is a change of occupancy in a house. Only registered electricians can perform an EICR, and they can spot potential problems with the installation and prevent them from becoming serious.

The Objectives Of An Electrical Condition Report

  • Keep records of inspection results to ensure that the installation remains safe until the next inspection.
  • Identify signs of wear or other safety issues.
  • You can find any component that does not comply with IEE regulations.
  • Check for potential problems such as overheating or electrical shocks.

Registered Electricians in Bramcote

An important safety measure to safeguard your family and home from electrical accidents is a condition report. The local Bramcote electricians can perform this inspection with great competence. Call a Bramcote Electrician to make your home safer.

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